About 8thereal

Why shop with 8thereal?

At 8thereal (pronounced Ethereal), we provide our customers with a line of vegan, animal cruelty-free products. These formulations boast all the benefits of being made with natural ingredients that help our customers look their natural best without complicated routines or harsh ingredients. 8thereal brings our customers' products without bringing harm to animals while being of benefit to the environment. Our customers' purchases will help drive the future of the beauty industry to be vegan-based, nature conscious, never tested on animals, and supporting efforts to revitalize the planet while working to give back to the planet and the people that make this all possible. Our Vegan Skincare Line seeks to embrace conscious consumerism. Your help and support allow 8thereal to do MORE! More for the planet, more for our fellow humans and the creatures we share this space with. 

Vegan Products Are Safer for Your Entire Body

Vegan beauty products are made out of plants that contain the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients. 8thereal products work to embrace the body's natural response to the wholesomeness of our organically derived products. We are confident that 8thereal will aid you in your quest to "Embrace Your Natural Beauty!"

Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, we have to be careful about what we put on it. When we eat and drink, chemicals and toxins get filtered through the liver and kidneys before they have the chance to cause a lot of harm. The scary fact about our skin is that anything we put on it gets absorbed straight into the bloodstream to circulate freely throughout the body.

Because of this, scientists have called skin the window into the body. The quality of your skin can be a reflection of how your internal organs are feeling. It may not sound like much, but making the switch to beauty products that only use natural ingredients can help you look and feel better from the inside out.

Made in Small Batches

Our Products are made custom in small batches, fresh with natural & high-quality formulations which are of higher quality than traditional products. 8thereal products, with their all-natural formulations, bring noticeable results to our clients, in addition to longer-lasting results, as compared with non-vegan products.

Always Cruelty-Free

All products are always 100% cruelty-free which means our beauty products have undergone zero testing on animals

Every year, millions of animals suffer and die for the sake of cosmetics around the world. Lab animals are kept in tiny cages and are only allowed to feel fear for the rest of their lives. When the testers no longer need these intellectual and emotional individuals, they are euthanized and thrown away like garbage.

Animal testing is not only cruel, but it is also outmoded and pointless. One of the most satisfying aspects of converting to vegan beauty products is the chance to save the lives of hundreds of animals on your own by switching to cruelty-free products.       

Improve our environment by minimizing our impact on the world   

Every purchase you make with 8thereal allows us to plant a tree in regions of the world most affected by the detriments of mass deforestation projects. Additionally, 8thereal looks to provide the future of our existence with a free and equal opportunity to education, for all.

Vegan products are made with natural ingredients and fewer synthetic chemicals than standard cosmetics. This is better for the environment as it means fewer potentially toxic chemicals are released into waterways, soils, and the air. It also means fewer fossil fuels being used to produce these chemicals, both in the form of raw materials and energy. Our tree planting efforts ensure that 8thereal is working to offset our carbon foot-print from the onset of our inception. We are committed to constantly improving our operational segments.