Honoring Motherhood: The Essence of 8thereal's Beauty Line

On this Mother's Day, I find myself reflecting on the powerful influences that shaped my life and led to the creation of 8thereal (pronounced Ethereal) —a brand that celebrates the resilience and self-care of women at every stage of life. This post is a tribute to my mother and her sisters, remarkable women who mastered the art of nurturing both their families and themselves amidst the whirlwind of life's responsibilities.

The Seeds of Inspiration

Growing up, I witnessed firsthand the incredible balance my mom and and my aunts maintained between their careers, family life, and personal care. They were supermoms in every sense—whether they were navigating the challenges of their careers or dedicating themselves entirely to home and family. Despite the endless list of tasks, they never neglected their own well-being. This wasn't about vanity; it was about self-respect and the profound understanding that caring for oneself is integral to caring for others.

They instilled in us, their children, the belief that self-love isn’t selfish—it’s necessary. My mom, surrounded by daughters, taught us never to lose sight of ourselves. She emphasized that nurturing ourselves enables us to nurture others more effectively. Similarly, my aunts, raising both sons and daughters, imparted lessons of support and care, ensuring their son also appreciated and upheld these values towards the women in his life.

The Unfair Trade-Off

It always troubled me that society often expects mothers to prioritize everyone else first, branding any form of self-care as selfish. How can one pour from an empty cup? Recognizing this disparity, I wanted to create something to affirm that every woman deserves to feel good about herself without feeling guilty or vain.

A Brand Born from Necessity and Love

In observing my mom and aunts, I saw firsthand the challenges they faced as they transitioned through different stages of life—from the stay-at-home mom who prioritized every penny for her family to the career woman who, upon retirement, found herself unable to indulge in the luxury beauty products she once enjoyed. These products, often expensive and not always suited for changing skin needs, seemed an unfair hurdle for women who had given so much.

This realization was the cornerstone of creating 8thereal. It was born out of a desire to give back to my mom, her sisters, and all the mothers out there who might find themselves sidelined in their own skincare narratives. I wanted to offer something that was not only affordable but also effective, specifically catering to the evolving needs of aging skin.

Our products are vegan and clean, designed to be gentle yet effective. We focus on resolving aging concerns through skincare that rejuvenates and protects, and makeup that is formulated for mature skin, enhancing natural beauty without masking it. The feedback has been heartwarming—my mom and her sisters tell me how these products have simplified their routines, making beauty effortless once again. At their radiant 70s, they look as vibrant and youthful as ever—a testament to the brand’s philosophy and efficacy.

My Own Journey and Vision

Now in my 40s, I understand more than ever the struggle to balance life’s myriad demands while also taking care of oneself. 8thereal is dedicated to easing this struggle, making self-care accessible and straightforward no matter your life stage. Whether you're a career woman adjusting to a fixed income in retirement, or a busy stay-at-home mom navigating financial constraints, our products are designed to support you.

Our mission transcends mere cosmetics; it celebrates the enduring spirit of every woman who balances life's demands while preserving her essence. It's about approaching and welcoming aging with assurance, embodying the vibrancy of youth into the golden years. Our goal is to simplify beauty, enabling every woman to look and feel her best effortlessly, maintaining the timeless charm I so admired in my mother and her sisters. Our brand is a salute to all women—career professionals, homemakers, and everyone in between—honoring the strength and elegance of mothers everywhere. This Mother's Day, let's acknowledge their happiness and well-being as fervently as they do ours. Let’s honor not just the beauty of motherhood but the enduring spirit of women across generations.

To my mom, my aunts, and all the remarkable women out there, thank you for teaching us that beauty is everlasting, and self-care is a loving gesture towards oneself and those we love. Our brand is crafted for you, ensuring that women of all ages can embrace each day with confidence and elegance.

Thank you for inspiring our vision. Here’s to supporting and enhancing each other's lives, making every moment more beautiful.


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